Summer afternoon..


A lazy day at the lake collecting flowers….





and berries ripe to eat….



An-Ning and Austin

What a beautiful day for a wedding in Albany, NY!




An-Ning is gorgeous…




The State Room is the perfect setting…



It was a fairy tale moment




The Empire Plaza proved to have some interesting photo spots.



The classic car was a big hit!




An all around perfect day!  Congratulations!

Why Hasn’t Spring Sprung?

Well, Easter and Passover have come and gone and it’s still not Spring…

It looks like Spring….

..but I cannot tell a lie…

I cheated a little….

These pictures were taken last year!

Renovation causes heart palpatations

So, my house is in a shambles….

Not only renovating the kitchen, but new stairs as well….

it’s a good thing there are some manly men to look at instead of the mess…

I’ll take a picture next week and see if there is any improvement…not in the men, I mean the house!