About Joann Hoose Photography

Fun and spontaneous: I am all about making your photo experience a good time.

Gentle guidance: I keep things moving so it stays fun, not boring.

Unobtrusive: I love when people see their wedding and bar/bat mitzvah photos and say, “wow, I don’t remember you being there. I can’t believe you captured this!”

It’s all about you: How often do you get your 15 minutes of fame? You’re at your best for your photo session and I will make sure you’ll have beautiful pictures to prove it!

Reflecting your spirit and taste: I am very intuitive and when it’s all just a memory, you will have pictures that are just what you imagined they would be!

Keeping up with technology and style: My associates and I are very excited about new developments in the photographic industry and make sure our equipment is top of the line. We are always scanning the Internet and reading industry magazines so we know the latest shooting styles. Want a vintage look or want to try dress trashing? We’re on it!

Capturing real life emotion and beauty: I have taught photography for years and I try to practice what I preach. Light is what it’s all about, a good pose will forgive everything else, and color is a state of mind.

Enhancing and editing: I love getting back to the studio to start playing: retouching, improving and cropping. I like desaturating color, sepia toning, adding borders and more. It’s like the icing on the cake for me to hand you a piece of art that has been distilled to the absolute best essence of you!