Professional Headshots and Portraits

Most professionals will need a good head shot at some time or another in their career. If you are sending a resume and cover letter or a follow-up thank-you letter, it makes a great first impression for your prospective employer to see a nice picture of you. It gives a face to a name and an engaging photo can only help your chances of getting the job!

Models, actors, performers, business execs, corporate employees all benefit from a good head shot. There is a process to achieving the good head shot. Start with your outfit: No patterns, logos or bright colors, in fact, black is always a safe bet. We are showing off your face, not your clothes. A good haircut, growing in for 2 weeks or so, and some nice make-up. Not too much, but eye-enhancing make-up never hurts, and some natural to pink lipstick for women.

The New York head shot is more traditional and is usually a tight crop 8×10 full bleed. LA style shows more body, has a white border and includes the subjects name. With both, you staple a cover letter with your stats to the back, type facing out. Comps or composites, are another way to go and include 3-4 poses and styles, along with your name and stats on an 8×10 or 5×7. This allows you to show of your various looks.

Just for fun, do a few out takes in a less traditional and more more, relaxed style.