Beauty Tips for the Bride: Do’s and Don’t’s

It’s never to early to start practicing for your wedding day! I am talking about make-up and hair and wedding photography.

It’s really important to get it right for wedding photos. You want to maintain a natural look, not too overdone.

For your special day you can get away with more eye make-up and lipstick and a nice matte airbrushed foundation.

Everyone loves that sun-kissed, healthy tan, but it doesn’t photograph well if it’s too dark, orange or overdone. You don’t want to be more tan then the groom. If you are dark and in white and he is pale and in black, it becomes difficult to deal with in pictures.

Try to stay away from glitter in your moisturizer and make-up. It can reflect and cause little glares in all the wrong places. You can use shimmer but not big hunks of glitter.

Practice with your hair: if your hair is stick straight and it’s humid on your wedding day you may end up with straggles. Lucky you if your hair is naturally curly!


Megan Edwards, from Fusion Salon in Saratoga Springs, offers this advice:

• Facial waxing is ok 4–7 days before the wedding depending on your skin type (if you don’t regularly wax).

• Don’t do anything drastic in terms of changing hair color and/or cut right before the wedding because a new style will take some getting used to (for both the bride and the groom).

• Get your hair cut and colored a few weeks before the wedding.

• Always get a trial hair and make-up.

• Make sure your dress flatters and fits your body type and view it from every angle before purchasing.

• As far as make-up goes, less is more! You want to look your best, but you want to look like yourself.

• Preparation H helps dark circles and saggy eyes, so does the Smashbox Photo Op Under Eye Brightener that contains caffeine to liven things up!


Diane Palma, Albany, NY Hair and Makeup Artist adds:

False eyelashes are sexy and fun too! You can spend from $5–300 depending on how permanent you want them. They enhance your eyes and look very natural.

It is also good to find “ideal” bridal hair for the trial run to see if that works with your dress and any hair accessory you have chosen.

Try the MAC counter to find a lip gloss or lipstick that is lasting. Try to find a shade that is closest to your natural lip color that way if/when it rubs off its not so noticeable.

Get enough sleep and water the days before the wedding so that you are picture perfect!


Cara Nigro, Pink Holiday Lipstick Designer, says:

Pink is classic, as well as classy. It is THE quintessential color of femininity. It is also synonymous with health and youth. Dark lipstick colors can age you drastically, and look very harsh. Pink lipstick on the other hand, is very softening to features and can take a good ten years off of your complexion — it will automatically make you look more rested as well! It is a trick of the trade used by the top makeup artists.

Pink is a perfect choice for your wedding day because it is also very romantic and so fresh looking, especially when paired with a lovely pop of pink blush on your cheeks as a finishing touch over a neutral toned blush or a subtle bronzer. There are so many exquisite shades of pink — from bright peonies to lilacs, to soft muted roses… have fun with it!

If there is one day in your life to go all out and really play up your romantic feminine side, it’s your wedding day! From the flowers to your dress to the decor… to your makeup… revel in your femininity!

Pink Holiday is expected to be available in stores by Fall 2012. It is a specialty line of just pink lipsticks and glosses in the most drop dead gorgeous and flattering shades with special effects and finishes — for all women no matter your age, style preference or background. The formula is exquisite in feel and wear, and is made of the highest quality ingredients. It is manufactured by the best cosmetics producer in the world. Pink Holiday: For every woman’s love affair with pink.

I hope these tips have been helpful and I look forward to seeing you on your wedding day!